Please leave the kids alone, adults.

Shanghaiist’s post:

Chinese primary school students are being brainwashed into boycotting South Korean snacks

Mostly I would not bother to read Shanghaiist’s unprofessional shitty news reports and articles about China’s on-going domestic social issues, as most of which are full of bias and misrepresentations.

But as a Chinese myself, I do really feel sad about the fact that what has been done to these children by their primary teachers. The worst thing – we adults get the kids involved in our world filled with our own populist rage, is on stage. I really don’t care about what fight is between the two governments. Please just leave the kids alone.

Just please people…don’t let anger get in their way of seeing the beauty of the world while they are just a white piece of paper. I can’t really talk too much about this…this is really pissing me off now. I need to get off the screen now..

Please leave the kids alone, adults.